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Melting Systems
¡¡¡¡Melting Capacity£º14tons/h¡¢5mt/h Cupola2 Sets,3mt/h Cupola 3 Sets¡¢5mt/h Induction Furnacre 2 Sets¡¢1mt/h Induction Furnacre 2 Sets
Moulding Systems
SINTO(Japan)Automatic Moulding Line Mould Size£º610¡Á508¡Á120-200/120-200mm Moulding Rate£º130Ms/h

TOKYU(Japan)Automatic Moulding Line Mould Size£º620¡Á508¡Á120-200/120-200mm Moulding Rate£º120Ms/h
DISA duplicated-FR516 Moulding Line
Mould Size£º600¡Á480¡Á130-300mm
Mould Rate£º270Ms/h
Sand Mixing Systems
Green Sand Mixing Systems £ºPLC Control System
Sand temperature auto adjustment
Mold sand properties testing
Used sand recycling system
Core Making
Hot Core Box/Shell Core Box

Universal Testing Machine
UT Tester

Molten Iron Quick Tester
Metallographic Image Analysis System

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